Khartoum , July 1 (SUNA) - The Khartoum State Police issued a statement yesterday evening on the incidents that accompanied the processions that took place in the state of Khartoum on June 30, stressing its keenness to carry out its duty to protect everyone.

The statement said   the processions went out as scheduled on June 30, according to the invitations announced on social media, as their gatherings began at nine in the morning.

The statement underlined that the protestors moved and collided with security barriers in Sharoni, Abu Anja, Mak Nimr, and Mansheya, violating the decisions of the Security Coordination Committee in the state.

“Troops responded with tear gas and water cannons. An organization called the Kings of the Clashes and Angry Without Borders attacked the forces and destroyed the water-jet vehicles in full view of everyone (in a suicidal way by climbing the wagons) and set fire to the trees in the gardens and parks east of the Great White Nile, next to the hotels and the mosque” the statement said.

The statement went on to say ”A number of the accused were arrested and complaints were opened under Articles 77/69/182/139 of the Criminal Code”.

It revealed that the injured were 96 from the police and 129 from the armed forces, some of them seriously injured, adding that there is information on the death of 6 people. No reports were received from police departments in the state

The police forces affirm their keenness to carry out their duty to protect everyone and commend the response of the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice assigning high-level advisors and prosecutors as observers and accompanying them to the forces during the events, they are witnesses to what happened.


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