Khartoum, July 7(SUNA)- A Memorandum of Understanding(MoU)  on cooperation and  coordination to reactive  exchange of trade and investment  with the countries of the world  was signed today at  tower of the Union of Chambers of Commerce  after  holding of a series of meetings which included in addition to the Union of Chambers of Commerce , Ministries of  foreign affairs, investment  and  trade and  supply.

The agreement  came at initiative of the Union of the Chambers of Commerce

 Secretary-General of the Union of Chambers of  Commerce, Wifaq Salah Abdel-Al, said the agreement aims to seek possible means for reactivating and expanding  the  exchange of trade and investment  between Sudan  and other countries of the world as well as  the  international economic and  trade institutions , disclosing that the four institutions agreement to employ this important  relation in serving the high interests  of the country.

She indicated that  the agreement also stipulated formation of a high committee on joint  coordination  over issues  and challenges facing the trade sector.

. The four institutions stressed the need to take advantage of external  missions to activate the diplomacy of coordination and investment and  trade promotion.

The agreement  set to  support increasing the presence of Sudanese exports and increase the volume of trade exchange with countries of the world, in addition to  exerting  maximum efforts to increase partners in the fields of health, education, contracting, economic services and information technology by attracting investments and  early preparation for  external  participation, in addition to increasing investments in vital and strategic sectors.


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