Damazin, July 11(SUNA)-Governor of Blue Nile Region, Ahmed  Al-Omda Badai has called  for unity of  all revolutionary political forces   and agreement over a political work charter that prevents  the country from  problems  and contributes to success of the democratic transition.

This came in address he directed  to people of the Blue Nile Region on occasion of Eid Al-Adha.

He asked Allah blessing on souls of martyrs of the armed struggle movements , martyrs of the glorious  December revolution and all martyrs of the country  who sacrificed  their lives  for the sake of the homeland.The Governor of the Blue Nile Region announced  the region government committeemen to support the martyr families fund  and to do its utmost efforts to repatriate  the displaced people and  refugees to their home areas.  Badai  called  for seizing  opportunity  of  the military establishment’s withdrawal  from politics to initiate inclusive dialogue which  will exclude nobody except the national congress party.He called  the leader, AbduL-Aziz Al-Hilu, to join the  peace process  in order to  prevent  the people from  afflictions  of war and to work for  directing  the   energies towards  development and peace.

He also called on the people of the Blue Nile to preserve  the gains of the Juba Peace Agreement, top of which is  the autonomy and fair participation in power and  wealth in addition to issues of land  and security arrangements., calling on for  renunciation of  hate speech and racism in order to achieve  slogans of the glorious  revolution.

Meanwhile, the governor of the Blue Nile Region received at Al-Salam Palace in Damazin  today  congratulations on Eid Al-Adha from members of the region government and security committee, chiefs of justice organs, dignitaries , leaders  of sufi sects.


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