Khartoum, July 18 (SUNA) - The Higher Council of the Native Administration in Sudan Monday issued a statement on the unfortunate events in the State of Blue Nile, and decided to send a delegation of the council’s leaders to calm down the situation in the Blue Nile State.

In its statement, the council stated that it has been following up with great concern and sorrow the unfortunate events taking place in the Blue Nile State, calling on the disputing parties to resort to wisdom and reason and to stop the hostilities, tribal fighting and the hate speech.

The Higher Native Administration Council also called on the federal and regional governments to exert more effort to impose the prestige of the state and to enforce the law to end the fighting.

It has appealed to the benevolent people of Sudan and the organizations to extend a helping hand to relief the affected and displaced people s in the Blue Nile State.

The Higher Council of Native Administration decided to send delegation of administration leaders to inspect and to calm down the situation in the state.


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