Damazin, July 21 (SUNA) - The leaders of the National Initiative to Support Social Peace in the Blue Nile Region received Wednesday evening, at the entrance to the city of Damazin, a delegation of leaders of the civil administration in Sudan, headed by Nazir (chieftain) of Batahin tribe Muntasir Khalid Mohamed Siddiq Talha.

The delegation represents the neutral committee of the National Initiative to Support Social Peace in Blue Nile Region.

The reception ceremony was attended by Al-Dhau Hashem Nasr Al-Din, Acting Secretary-General of the regional government, Al-Mak Al-Fatih Youssef Hassan Adlan, Nazir of tribes of the Blue Nile and Nazir Osama Mohamed Al-HaJa, the member of the Supreme Council for Native Administration in Sudan and head of the national initiative.

The head of the delegation, Nazir Talha, explained that they arrived on a mission which is at heart of the work of the Native Administration to mend the social fabric, especially since the delegation represents all of Sudan and pledged to exert more efforts to heal the rift and defuse the crisis.

The visit of the delegation of native administration leaders to the region comes to support the national initiative to support social peace in the Blue Nile, which was launched by national leaders that included notables, native administrations and activists in the field of peace and conflict resolution, an initiative that would defuse the crisis between the tribal component in the Blue Nile and stop hostilities.



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