Cairo, July 23 (SUNA) – THE Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, has affirmed that Sudan is fully prepared to receive Arab investments, noting that strategic partnerships and joint work are important for Sudan.

During his participation at the meeting of the Economic and Social Council of the Arab League in Egypt, Dr. Jibril said that the full readiness and the sufficient and available political will lead to overcoming all the obstacles that prevent the Arab investments in Sudan, pointing to the large potentialities that Sudan enjoys such as cultivable lands amounting to 175 million acres, in addition to the quantities of groundwater and rainwater that amount to 400 billion cubic meters.

He said that Sudan obtains the largest water basin in the world in addition to the water of rivers.

He called on all Arab countries led by the Arab League to take advantage of these capabilities to achieve a greater level of Arab food security in a short time, referring to Sudan Initiative for Arab food security which became part of the agenda of the Arab Summit To be held next November in Algeria.

Dr. Jibril said that the meeting is taking place in exceptional circumstances and difficult conditions that the whole world is going through and has not yet recovered from the effects of the coronavirus epidemic, and faces many challenges imposed by the extraordinary geopolitical conditions that led to a significant increase in the prices of the production inputs agricultural products, a matter that led to a noticeable disturbance in the food supply chains, calling on the Arab League and the member states make exceptional arrangements to mitigate the effects of these facts, especially on some member states, and appealed to the Economic and Social Council of the Arab League to play an important role in the field of sending and supporting the elements of economic and social development and working to strengthen Arab economic cooperation and integration through the various Arab League organs.


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