Damazin, July 25 (SUNA) – The Governor of the Blue Nile State and head of the region’s security committee, Gen. Ahmed Al-Umdda Badi, and members of the region security committee received on Monday at Damazin Airport the acting Minister of Interior, Gen. Annan Hamid Hamid, the General Director of the Police Forces and a number of the Police Forces’ senior officers.

The minister and the accompanying delegation have met with the region’s security committee immediately after their arrival in Damazin.

In a press statement, the acting Minister of Interior pointed out that they heard an integrated briefing from the security committee of the region about the repercussions of the events and the measures taken during and after the events in the Blue Nile region, adding that they were also informed on the conditions and measures taken by all the regular and security forces, the popular and executive organs, and their contribution to containing the situation and returning life to normal in the towns of Damazin and Rossairis and the region in general.

The acting Minister of Interior has appreciated the ongoing efforts to make the new agricultural season a success, explaining that their visit aims to inspect the capabilities of the Police Forces in the region in the material and human fields and identifying requirements, pointing to the importance of the central support for the region to enable it to face all challenges.

He affirmed that that the situation in Damazin city has returned to normal, and that all the conditions are under control, revealing that reinforcements are coming to support the capabilities of the region's police forces.


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