El Fasher, July 26 (SUNA) - The Juba Peace Agreement in Sudan Permanent Ceasefire Committee in Darfur,   held a technical consultative meeting today with actors in civil society organizations in the state of North Darfur for consultation and exchange of views on how these organizations contribute to the implementation of the committee's tasks.

In his address to the opening session of the meeting,  held in El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur state,the Chair to the Permanent Ceasefire Committee , Sandeep Bajaj, noted that the meeting aims to provide an explanation and reflection on the functions of the Permanent Ceasefire Committee, its activities and the developments of its work, inform stakeholders of the UNTAMS ongoing efforts to activate the committee.

He added that the meeting purpose to know the opinions, interests and challenges of the groups, and the aspirations of those organizations about the role of the Permanent Ceasefire Committee in Darfur.

In his address to the opening of the meeting which was attended by the leaders of the judicial, military, police and security apparatuses, representatives of armed struggle movements, political parties, civil administrations, women, youth and the displaced, Bajaj indicated that the Permanent Ceasefire Committee in Darfur was formed of competent and mature personalities, praising the performance of the members of the committee, who : “ have been working in silence to solve the problems facing the functioning of the ceasefire in Darfur” he said.

The Acting Head of UNITAMS Office in Darfur, Yao Bouaka, addressed the meeting pointing to the activities expected from the civil society organizations to support the committee such as the early warning activities to help the committee do its work properly, and its adoption of the aspirations of community leaders or representatives and the native leaders towards the cease-fire.

He asserted importance of role of the Permanent Ceasefire Committee in implementing the Juba Peace Agreement to contribute especially to the promotion of human rights and the protection of civilians in Darfur, underlining importance of women’s participation in the activities of the Permanent Fire Commission, calling for the importance of continuous cooperation and coordination between civil society organizations, UNTAMS and United Nations agencies , and integration of works of the stakeholders involved in peacemaking and the peace building process.

The government’s representative in the Permanent Ceasefire Committee, Brigadier General Abdel Hakim Ali Nabri, stressed in his address to the meeting the importance of the committee’s work  as a main test for the determination of to the parties’  of the Juba Peace Agreement to implement the agreement, declaring that the security forces’ batch for the protection of civilians in Darfur, which was recently graduated in El Fasher, will begin its duties as of the first of next August, commending cooperation between the government and United Nations organizations in achieving peace in Darfur.

It is worth noting that the meeting listened to a detailed explanation about the general provisions and principles of the permanent cease-fire process included in the Juba Peace Agreement, presented by the Chairman of the Committee, Sandy Bajaj, the Chairman of the North Darfur Subcommittee, Enayatullah Masum, the representatives of the armed struggle movements, Ali Mokhtar and Siddiq Bengo.

The technical consultative meeting of the Permanent Ceasefire Committee in Darfur will continue discussions and deliberation on the various tasks and work mechanisms of the committee to reach recommendations and final statement.



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