Khartoum, July 27 (SUNA) – The Police Forces of Khartoum State issued on Tuesday a press statement affirming their keenness to go ahead in carrying out their legal duties to preserve security.

The statement stated that on Tuesday 26th 2022, some localities in Khartoum State, witnessed demonstrations, during which violation and unruly acts happened.

The statement indicated that protesters targeted the Police centers, as the Police headquarters in Burri area was assaulted, besides the Police headquarters of Omdurman Locality, as well as other Police headquarters in Omdurman and Khartoum North, explaining that as a result of these attacks 21 men of the Police Forces were injured and a citizen named Mohamed Kamal has died at Taggi Hospital in Omdurman.

The statement pointed out that all the necessity legal procedures were taken, affirming that the Police Forces will continue to carry out their legal duties to maintain security.


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