Genaina, July 29(SUNA)-The Vice-President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council(TSC), Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo has affirmed that the West Darfur State host to  “Peace Festival” today  was an evidence  for state recovery  from  disputes and conflicts  West Darfur State has  suffered  for three years  and during which lives of a number of people were claimed without justification.

 Speaking to “Radio Conference” program  today  from Genaina, capital of West Darfur State, Daglo, has  thanked all who contributed to achievement of peace which has become a reality, disclosing that the state components  has renounced  division and hate  and that spirit of reconciliation and tolerance has prevailed among them.

He stated that Sudan has long suffered from  seditions  and that the government is determined  to impose the state prestige  after reconciliations which have been made as well as repatriating the displaced people to their home villages.

Daglo pointed out that the goal of this unprecedented  cultural and sport festival  at Genaina city  is to boost spirit of tolerance and forgiveness  in all Darfur States as well as renouncing  the hate speech and division.

“  We are  in  this state  for about two months  and we brought peace  into reality” he added.

The TSC Vice-President indicated to problems of Darfur States, saying that the Juba Peace Agreement has addressed those issues , stressing the necessity  of addressing the root causes  of the problem and stopping the sedition which has exacerbated  after the change  and uncovering those  who stand behind it.

He called for not exploiting   the freedom which , he explained, does not  mean chao.  

With regard to the spread of weapons in the states of Darfur, he stressed that it has existed since ancient times, but it has worsened since the declaration of the rebellion in 2003, and also after the formation of the popular defense, the border guards and the security of tribes, pointing out that efforts were made in the past to collect them, but the nature of the region and the concealment of weapons by  citizens, especially shepherds, who own several weapons made  it  difficult to collect them.



Daglo also revealed collection of thousands of motorcycles which have been  used in negative phenomena and stressed  importance of  stability of countries of the region, especially the sister Libya, especially in its desert where all kinds of crime are committed , expressing  hope that it will be stable and enjoy security and peace.

He revealed the emergence of some illegal trends from some of the movements that signed the peace deal  through their licensing and legalization of arms. He pointed to the entry of weapons and vehicles into Jebel Marra in the name of the forces that signed the peace in Juba, stressing the need to know who brought the arms into Darfur.

The TSC  Vice-President  said that the security arrangements clause must be implemented after the graduation of a batch of security and  civilians protection forces  a few days ago to join the joint forces, stressing the necessity of assembling and specifying locations for the forces signing the Juba peace, adding, "We do not allow holding  of arms without permission from the concerned  authorities."

Referring to the tribal reconciliations and the events that took place a few days ago in the Azerni area, Daglo said that signing the peace does not mean that the one who signed it goes to Khartoum just following  his signature, but rather he is responsible for any event that occurs by his clan.

He added  that the joint forces once  received information about occurrence of a tribal  clash at  Azerni  area  It moved immediately and stopped the fighting and arrested  those who involved  in the incident and that  a number of them were deported to the prisons of Port- Sudan, affirming  that the government is determined to impose the state authority and prevent chaos and negative phenomena.

Daglo underlined importance of the  native  administration role in achievement of peace  and  enactment  of a law organizing  its work.





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