Khartoum, Aug. 3 (SUNA) – The Minister of Defence, Gen. Yassin Ibrahim, has affirmed firmness of the security and strategic relations between Sudan and Chad, describing these relations and historic and extended.

Addressing the conference for assessment of the experiment of the  experiment of the Sudanese – Chadian forces on Wednesday, Gen. Ibrahim described this experiment as a unique one and a model that expresses the consensus among the African countries and their ability to solve their problems without intervention of others.

He appreciated the performance of the joint forces and the high morale of these forces and the active role played by the governments of the two countries and the native administration at the joint border areas. Affirming the keenness to  implement the recommendations of the conference.

He stated that the fragility of the security situation in Libya and the Central African Republic requires the two countries to develop a joint security strategy to deal with developments.

On his part, the Chadian Minister of Defence, Gen. Daoud Yahia Ibrahim, pointed out that the joint forces have carried out their duties in full and found support from the leaders of the two countries in order to achieve peace and to boost the communication between the Sudan and Chad.

He said that relations between Chad and Sudan remained excellent and firm, instructing the joint forces to be vigilant and to continue efforts to provide protection along the joint borders between the two countries.

Meanwhile, the conference praised the efforts exerted in maintaining security and stability by the joint Sudanese – Chadian forces, which were established under a security protocol between the two countries in 2010 and developed in 2014.

The two sides have discussed a scientific paper on the most prominent success factors and the obstacles that faced the work of the joint forces, and reviewed a documentary film on the performance and the achievements at the border areas.

The conference has issued a number of recommendations, the most important of them were reactivating the economic, health, social and cultural protocols between Chad and Sudan to support the security protocol, in addition to reactivating the 11th item related to the establishment of joint courts and prosecutions between the two countries to settle complicated disputes and law suits.

The conference has winessed the transfer of the joint forces command from the Chadian side to the Sudanese side in a new session.

 The conference was addressed by the commanders of the Sudanese and Chadian sides in the joint forces, Brig. Usama Mohamed Sanhouri, and Maj. Gen. Osman Bahar, respectively, in addition to the Wali (governor ) of West Darfur State, Khamis Abdalla Abbakar, the Governor of the Chadian Wadday State, Ibrahim Ibn Omer.


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