Gedaref, August 3 (SUNA) - The Director General of the Ministry of Production and Economic Resources in Gedaref State Engineer Omar al-Bashir has affirmed completion of cultivating an area of 3 million acres with various agricultural crops so far out of the total targeted areas, which amount to 7.2 million acres in Gedaref State. The Director General of the Ministry of Production revealed, in a statement to (SUNA) on Tuesday, the completion of cultivating all oil cash crops, which represent 35% of the total areas, including sesame, peanuts and sunflower in several areas of the state, besides corn, attributing this to the delay of financing and the provision of gasoline in the last period. Engineer al-Bashir pointed out that agricultural financing was low until last week, compared to the same period last year. The financing for the last year at the same period amounted to 14.9 million pounds, compared to 5.2 million pounds this year. The number of funded farmers this year is only 190,310 compared to 2,322,541 farmers at the same period of the last year.  He added Gedaref State planned to cultivate 7.2 million acres with various agricultural crops, including 4.5 million acres of corn 1.2 million acres of sesame, 500,000 acres of millet, 500,000 acres of rain-fed cotton, 180,000 acres of sunflower, 250,000 acres of peanuts and 100,000 acres of watermelon seeds, besides 20,000 acres of other crops.


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