Khartoum, Aug. 4 (SUNA) – The Minister of Livestock and Fisheries,  Hafez Ibrahim Abdel Nabi indicated  the strength of Sudanese-Emirati relations, and the importance of partnerships between the two countries in the field of livestock to achieve Arab food security.

During his meeting in his office today, the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Sudan, Hamad Mohammed Al-Junaibi, Minister Hafez,  revealed that a technical committee headed by the Undersecretary of the Ministry due to visit the UAE soon to update the protocol of the export of livestock in accordance with the health requirements of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, stressing  adherence to the protocol and health requirements, referring to the rapid response to lifting the ban of Livestock imports to the UAE  which represents the opening of the UAE large and important market.

He noted that the meeting discussed the investment map in the field of establishing slaughterhouses and the meat industry, the restore of the export of camels, pointing to a technical committee for the export of camels which its results will appear soon, and the ministry's adoption of camel racing at the Sheikh Zayed Track in the east of the Nile in the state of Khartoum.

The UAE ambassador to Sudan, Hamad Al-Junaibi, on his part emphasized the continued distinguished relations between the two countries, pointing to cooperation in the field of agriculture and livestock to achieve Arab food security.

He stressed the importance of communication at ministerial levels and through mutual visits, with aim to develop the livestock sector through the two ministries concerned in the two countries, inviting Emirati businessmen to invest in the livestock sector, asserting the necessity to overcome any obstacles in the field of exporting livestock to the Emirates.

Meanwhile,  the Undersecretary of the Ministry, Dr. Amir Jaafar Saad, called for investment in the animal products industry to benefit from the added value, and the establishment of pastoral farms and  the air and land refrigerated transport, stressing adherence to health requirements for the export of live and slaughtered livestock, he pointed to some partnerships in the meat and poultry industry with the Arab Gulf countries.


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