Khartoum, Aug. 6 (SUNA) – The leader of the initiative of Sudan People’s Call for National Accord in Um-Dawan-ban, Sheikh Al-Khalifa Al-Tayeb Al-Jid Wad-Badur, received on Friday evening the Governor of Darfur Region, Menni Arko Mennawi, in the presence of the initiative’s executive director, Dr. Hashim Gariballa and leading figures.

Sheikh Al-Jid welcomed Mennawi and reviewed the initiative’s program, explaining that the initiative targets all the people of Sudan, excludes no one and aim to get the country out of its crisis after the terrible deterioration in people's living conditions and the insecurity.

He called for surpassing the differences and to elevate the national interest over the narrow partisan gains, pointing to the magnitude of the dangers threatening the country.

Dr. Hashim Gariballa has given a detailed briefing to the Governor of Darfur on the efforts being undertaken by the initiative’s executive committee in the communication with the political forces, prior to convocation of the round-table conference in mid current August.

He handed over a written copy of the initiative on the call of the people of Sudan.

On his part, Mennawi reviewed the endeavors of the Freedom and Change Forces (National Charter) on the communication with the political forces in the past period.

He said that the dialogue shall focus in the coming period on three basic documents, which are the political declaration, the constitutional declaration and the program of the coming transitional government.

Mennawi stressed the importance of continuous communication between the two sides for achieving a comprehensive solution for the political crisis in the country.


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