Khartoum, Aug. 6 (SUNA) - The leader of the initiative of the Call of the People of Sudan for National Accord, Sheikh Al-Tayeb Al-Jid, has appealed to all the Sudanese people and the Sufi sects to support the initiative.

Addressing a gathering organized by the initiative for the Sufi sects at the Friendship Hall on Saturday, Sheikh Al-Tayeb Al-Jid, disclosed that the initiative will organize the comprehensive round-table conference in the next week.

He called on all the political forces to engage in the dialogue, explaining that the initiative does not belong to a certain party or tribe.

 He called on the leaders of Sudan Liberation Army, Abdul-Wahid Mohamed Nour, and the People’s Movement – North, Abdul-Aziz Al-Hillu to join the march for peace and stability by support to the Initiative of the Call of the People of Sudan.

Sheikh Al-Tayeb Al-Jid pointed out that the initiative emanates from the historic role of the Sufi sects in boosting the stability inthe country, adding that the Sufi sects can not keep on watching while Sudan unity is breaking apart, the blood-letting and devastation increase every day and the differences between the political parties expand.

He expressed his thanks to the political parties, the youth, the tribal chieftains, the Sufi sects, the Arab countries and the African Union for their support to the initiative.

  The head of the executive committee of the initiative of the call of the people of Sudan, Hashim Gariballa, announced that the initiative has held conferences of the youths, women, expatriates and professionals, indicating that the initiative will continue its meetings with the native administration and the civil society organizations.

He said the initiative wants to inform the international community that the Sudanese people are determined to overcome the crisis, appealing to all the Sudanese people to support the initiative, which aims to achieve political and social stability.


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