Khartoum, Aug. 7 (SUNA) - Sheikh Al-Tayeb Al-Jid Wad-Badr has called on representatives of the diplomatic corps to support the Sudanese People's Initiative for national accord, which he is sponsoring, considering that it is on the table for all, pointing out that the initiative was presented to all and it is a comprehensive one.

He said in a briefing meeting with representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited to Sudan today at his residence at Um-Dhawanban that Sudan needs a strong stance from all its people and its various components in order to overcome this critical stage it is currently going through.

Sheikh Al-Tayeb Al-Jid pointed out that preparations are under way for a comprehensive constitutional conference for which all political components, public opinion leaders and all actors in the political scene are invited in order to reach a common ground to achieve the desire to complete the democratic transition and to form a government that completes the power structures, leading to free and fair elections during which the people choose whom they trust to lead the country and until the pillars of democracy and peaceful transformation of power are established.


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