Khartoum, Aug. 8 (SUNA) – The founder of Um Al-Kiram  initiative, Dr. Wafa Mohamed Ali Magabal, has called on behalf of Sudan women for co-existence and  peace for the unity of rank among the Sudanese people and patching up the rift in the social fabric away from the political agenda.

At the regular news forum of Sudan News Agency (SUNA), Dr. Wafa stated that the initiative is intended to bolster the bases of the peace culture and discard violence and hatred and to elevate the religious values.

She stressed that the youths are the creators of the revolution and many of them have sacrificed their lives for the sake of the revolution’s goals.

She called for acceptance of the other and commitment to the freedom of expression and opinion for the building of a new future and preserving the national sovereignty and achieving national renaissance .

Dr. Wafa pointed out Um Al-Kiram initiative is launched by a group of women in rejection of the foreign agenda, halting the blood-shed and achieving national accord.

Khadija Abbkar Khamis, deputy chairwoman of Umm Al-Kiram initiative for coexistence and peace, said that the initiative came in support of the initiative of Sheikh Al-Tayeb Al-Jid for achieving national reconciliation and peace, noting that the country faced problems and deterioration as a result of disunity, division and the hate speech


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