Khartoum, August 9 (SUNA) - The Acting Wali (Governor) of Khartoum State Ahmed Osman Hamza has affirmed that the issues of agricultural and animal resources production constitutes the cornerstone for achieving a real economy out of the successive crises of the citizen's livelihood. During his meeting on Tuesday with the Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation Dr. Sir Al-Khatim Fadl Al-Mawla Abdul-Latif, Hamza gave directives that the ministry should be primarily concerned with resolving outstanding issues and that all the ministry’s agencies seek to solve the obstacles facing the agricultural and animal production, including the rehabilitation of large agricultural projects and work with producers to direct production towards products that provide the daily needs of the citizen. Hamza added that the poultry production sector needs special care by providing production inputs to create abundance as the only way to reduce prices. For his part, the Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture pledged to strive seriously to make a real breakthrough in the issue of production and direct the ministry towards its original goals. 


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