Khartoum, Aug. 10 (SUNA) – Chairman of the Higher Council for Beja Chieftains, Mohamed Al-Amin Tirik, said that the people of east Sudan came to support the initiative of the people of the Sudan with an open mind, as this initiative addresses the people with all their political and societal components, including the native administration, the civil society organizations, the resistance committees, women and youths.

In a press statement, Tirik pointed to the general satisfaction achieved by the initiative, indicating that it has filled the vacuum and gave hope in reviving opportunities for national solutions, adding that most of the foreign ambassadors who went to meet Sheikh Al-Tayeb Al-Jid in Um-Dawban, were satisfied with the call of the people of Sudan initiative.

He expressed his rejection to any foreign intervention that aims to divide the Sudanese people, adding that whatever the differences among the Sudanese, the opportunities for solutions and agreement on the stability of the country are available," expressing his hope that foreigners, with their various forms of presence in the country, will be witnesses and supporters for the national solutions.

He stressed that the Sudanese people are looking forward to excellent relations with the world and the countries around them, stressing the rejection to the foreign interference and colonialism in any form.

  Tirik warned against any misunderstanding of the initiative of the call of the people of Sudan, indicating that the call will not be for partisan quotas or positions, but rather a sincere and honest move of the Sudanese people to sit down for a comprehensive agreement on how to build and manage the country, indicating that whoever comes for positions has made a mistake.

He said that He said that they came from east Sudan to support wholeheartedly the initiative of the call of Sudan with open mind, based on their  recognition of the magnitude of the pending challenges and the importance of national accord.

He called on all the political forces and the native entities to elevate the national interest and to support the initiative of the people of Sudan, expressing his concern about the current situation, calling on Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu and Abdul-Wahid Mohamed Nour to join the initiative.


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