Manaqil/ Gezira State, Aug.17 (SUNA)- Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC), Al-Tahir Hajar affirmed that the damages which took place to some villages and areas of Manaqil Locality in Gezira State are surpassing capabilities of the state and the locality.

He said during his inspection visit , accompanying by the Minister of Roads and Bridges and representatives of Civil Defense and the Federal Ministry of Health that the size of damages on the citizens of Manaqil was huge, especially on some villages and areas as a result of floods and torrential  rains.   

Hajar indicated that the affected people are in need of an emergency assistance, including shelter foodstuff, as well as food and health materials, praising the efforts of philanthropists  from Manaqil and the  state government on provision of  some humanitarian aid.

The TSC member urged the citizens of Gezira especially of Manaqil locality in different positions  to  provide assistance to the flood- affected people.

He emphasized that the government’s efforts would  continue to tackle the situation in Manaqil Locality. 

On his part, the acting Wali (governor) of Gezira State, Ismail Awadalla Al-Ageb unveiled that 3000 families  have been affected by the torrential rains.

He underlined that the state government started provision of  some urgent humanitarian aid, including tents and foodstuff, stressing his commitment to continue efforts to deliver the humanitarian and heath assistance to the affected people. .

The Wali of Gezira State   called  on national and foreign organizations   to provide the urgent humanitarian assistance  to the torrential rains-affected people..


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