Khartoum, Aug 17 (SUNA) -   The President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces,  General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, witnessed, Today at the Military College Stadium the graduation of the two batches (67) of Military College and (19) of Aviation Sciences, in the presence of the two members of the Transitional Sovereignty Council,  Malik Agar and Mr. Taher Hajar, the Chief of Staff, his deputies, the commanders of the main forces, the inspector general, directors of departments, branches and colleges, unit commanders in the capital, and officers of the armed forces and rapid support.

 Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Muhammad Osman Al-Hussein said that the occasion coincided with the anniversary of the Armed Forces Day,  stressing that the armed forces are the shield of the nation and its safety valve.

“ We set our goals in developing the armed forces despite the prejudiced ones” He said.

 He indicated that the graduating batches have been carefully selected and given special attention to their training,adding that  it is the first batch to be trained according to the old method after returning to the military science diploma system.

He pointed out that Sudanese Armed Forces are the pillar of nation building and the focus of the hopes of its people, describing the graduates as being a strong addition to the armed forces.

 At the end of his speech, he congratulated the graduates from friendly and brotherly countries.

 It is noteworthy that the graduating class included military students from Chad, Yemen and Palestine, as well as two students from the Faculty of Police Sciences and Law who were sent to qualify for the Faculty of Aviation Sciences.



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