El-Fashir, August 18 (SUNA) – The Wali of North Darfur State Nimr Muhammad Abdul-Rahman, welcomed the delegation of Saudi investors who visited the state Wednesday, at the invitation of the Governor of the Darfur region Mini Arko Minawi, to stand on and review investment opportunities and prospects in the region and discuss with the authorities how to establish investment projects. The Wali said, in a press statement, that he held a meeting with the visiting delegation of Saudi investors, during which he acquainted them the great investment opportunities prospects that the state enjoys, especially in the fields of agriculture, industry and mining. For his part, the Minister of Finance at the Darfur Regional Government Abdul-Aziz Morsal Hassaballah, who accompanied the delegation of Saudi investors, said that the delegation included businessmen and managers of Saudi companies specialized in the fields of road and bridges construction, processing factories and electricity as well as the tourist hotels and the construction of dams, revealing that their visit came at the invitation of the governor of the Darfur Region within the framework of the region’s government endeavor to open opportunities for investors from brotherly and friendly countries to establish investment projects that would contribute to the development and renaissance of Darfur region Meanwhile, the representative of the Saudi delegation Fawaz Al-Hudhaybi said that their visit to Darfur came at the invitation of the government of the Darfur region to see investment opportunities, adding that his delegation's visit would motivate more delegations of Saudi investors to visit Darfur. Al-Hudhaybi praised the efforts made by the authorities to strengthen and develop economic relations between the two countries The delegation of Saudi investors had paid visit to the Golo area and dam (16 km west of El-Fashir), as it is one of the most promising agricultural areas. 


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