Khartoum, Aug 25 (SUNA) -  The President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, issued, today decisions according to which the Deputy Chief of Staff for Administration, Lieutenant-General Munawar Osman Nuqud, and Deputy Chief of Staff for Training Lieutenant-General Abdullah Al-Bashir Ahmed Al-Sadiq were promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant-General, and sent into retirement.

 The relieving includes the Commander of the Land Forces, Lieutenant-General Essam Mohamed Hassan Karrar, who is also sent into retirement with a pension.

 Major General Ahmed Omar Shanan is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-General and referred to retirement with a pension.

 The decisions included promotions to the rank of Lieutenant-General  as follows:

 Major General Rashad Abdul Hamid Ismail and his appointment as commander of Grounf Forces , Major- General Abdul Mahmoud Hammad Hussein Ajami, Major General Nasr Al-Din Abdul Qayyum Ahmed Ali, and Major General Mubarak Koti Kajour Kmtor who appointed  as Inspector General of the Armed Forces.

 The Commander-in-Chief  also issued a decision to reform  the Presidency of the Chief of Staff as follows: Lieutenant-General Muhammad Oshman Al-Hussein Al-Hassan, Chief of Staff. Lieutenant-General Magdi Ibrahim Oshman Khalil, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics. Lieutenant-General Engineer Khaled Abdeen Muhammad Ahmad Al-Shami, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. Lieutenant-General Abbas Hassan Abbas Al-Darouti, Deputy Chief of Staff for the Administration. Lieutenant-General Abdul-Mahmoud Hammad Hussein Ajami, Deputy Chief of Staff for Training.


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