Madani, Sept 11 (SUNA) - The Secretary-General of the Gezira State Government, Mustafa Dafaallah, received at the Guest Palace in Madani this morning Dr. Fahad Al-Dhafiri, Kuwait's ambassador to Sudan, at the who uis leading a convoy of support for those affected by torrential rains and floods in Al-Manaqil and South Gazira localities.

The ambassador announced Kuwait's support for those affected by the floods and rains in Sudan via an air bridge to deliver aid.

 He said that the convoy contained shelter materials and foodstuffs for 900 families, stressing the continuation of the air bridge to deliver health convoys to address the effects of autumn and diseases.

 The Secretary-General of the state government, on his part,  expressed his thanks and appreciation to the government and people of Kuwait for the continuous support to Sudan's issues, revealing the efforts made to address future flood disasters by focusing on water harvesting and maintenance of drains in the Gazera Scheme.


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