El Daein, Sep. 14 (SUNA) - The governor of Darfur region, Commander Minni Arko Minawi, his deputy, Dr. Mohammed Issa Aliu, and the governor of East Darfur, Maulana Mohammed Adam Abdel Rahman, held a meeting with the leaders of the Native Administration, dignitaries and youth of Asalaya locality.

During the long meeting held at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Regional Government, the region governor said that the regional government will arrange a schedule of visits to all localities to inspect the conditions of citizens and provide the available services, calling on the native administration in Asalaya locality to maintain security and stability in the state of East Darfur to be a model in terms of security and stability.

Minawi pointed to the weak financial resources of his government, giving directives to his deputy and minister of finance to provide some development projects and services.

The Deputy Governor of Darfur region, Dr. Mohammed Issa Aliu, noted that Asalaya locality of is one of the promising, productive, and supportive localities of the state treasury, but it did not receive services.

The governor of East Darfur State, Maulana Mohammed Adam, pledged to support development and service projects in Asalaya locality, noting that the state government signed contracts to establish drinking water networks and electricity networks for all localities of the state, praising the locality of Asalaya, indicating that it achieved the first place in primary and basic education attributing that to the stability and security that the state enjoy.

The leaders of the Native Administration, dignitaries and youth of Asalaya locality demanded the governor of the region, his deputy, and the governor of East Darfur to provide service projects to the locality, pointing to the weakness of service projects in all administrative units, and affirming their support for the regional governor, Minni Arko Minawi.


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