Kassala, Sep. 14 (SUNA) - The acting governor of Kassala state, Khojaly Hamad Abdullah, briefed on the joint peace-building project between the United Nations Development Program, the United Nations Mission to Support the Transitional Period in Sudan (UNITAMS) and the High Commissioner for Refugees.

During his meeting with the Kassala state governor, the coordinator of the UNDP in eastern Sudan, Mr. John Noodam, in the presence of the program coordinator in Kassala State Jamal Mohammed Al-Hassan, presented a comprehensive enlightenment on the joint project for peace building and the steps taken in the project that was studied and surveyed by the Peace Building Center at Kassala University.

The UNDP coordinator has indicated the importance of the project and its role in supporting stability at the state level and its reflection in general on Sudan, asserting the partners' keenness on the success of the project's pillars and achieving its goals in both the state and national levels.

He reviewed the United Nations projects implemented by the program in the state, lauding the cooperation and support of the state government in facilitating the tasks of the program at the state level.

The governor of Kassala state has greeted the efforts of the UNDP and its projects especially in the support of peace building.

He expressed hope that the project objectives would contribute to the appropriate and conducive environment that would achieve the aspirations leading to the country's safety.


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