Khartoum, Sept. 20 (SUNA) - The court of plotters of June 1989 coup, before which ousted president Omer al-Bashir and others appear, continued its sessions today in Khartoum, headed by Judge Hussein al-Jak, the Supreme Court judge, where questioning by the defense team to the investigator continued.

The investigator said that the tenth defendant, Al-Tayeb Ibrahim Mohamed Khair, was arrested on December 5, 2019 and was working as a doctor at the rank of major at the medical corps in 1989 and that he was involved in the coup.

The defendant's lawyer explained that Al-Tayeb had left politics since 2005.

Regarding defendant No. 11, Ibrahim Nail Edam, the investigator explained that Edam was working in the security apparatus in 1989 at the rank of brigadier, and that he was among the military who were confined to the Revolutionary Command Council and did not participate in planning the coup.

Regarding the accused 13 Ibrahim al-Sanussi, the investigator said that the accused is 82 years old, and was arrested on 12/5/2019, and that he was a participant according to witnesses’ testimonies.

 However, the defendant’s lawyer noted that Al-Sanussi was 82 years old when he was arrested, in clear violation of the law, which stipulates not to arrest anyone over the age of 70.

The investigator pointed out that Al-Sanussi planned and executed the coup according to testimony of witnesses, as he was the coordinator between the military and civilians.

As for the lawyer, Mohamed Al-Hassan Al-Amin, he took over the questioning of the investigator on behalf of the accused 14 General Mohamed Mahmoud Jame, 24 Faisal Abu Salih and 27 Major Gen. Mohamed Awad Al-Karim Abu Sen.

The court will continue its sessions next Tuesday to hear the statement of the investigator.


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