Khartoum, Sep. 21 (SUNA)- The journalist Mekki Al-Maghrabi, said that the international organizations and great countries, like America, are dealing with Sudan as an important country, affirming that this happens according to calculations related the international peace and security and the interests of countries.  In a statement to SUNA, Al-Maghrabi ,who is specializing in the American - Sudanese relations pointed out that some circles try to depict the current regime and the military institution are belonging to the previous regime, a matter that is not objective .  Al-Maghrabi  noted that the international community was already dealing with the previous regime and that the former president Al-Bashir who was himself accrediting ambassadors of the European countries to work in  Sudan, while Europe was full of activists against him.  He added that even the negotiations with America started during the rule of Al-Bashir and there was not slow down from the American side, pointing out that the American stance towards Al-Bashir had changed after those who were around him took the decision to dismiss him in response to the street's call and after that they agreed on Al-Burhan to be in charge after different opinions.

Al-Maghrabi added that if there any protest or crowd, then this is expected to happen and copes with the internal environment of freedom. MA/MO

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