Khartoum, Sep. 21 (SUNA) – The court trying the case of assassination of protestors Wednesday resumed its sittings, chaired by judge Zuhair Babiker Abdul-Raziq, in the absence of the ousted president Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir and his deputy Ali Osman Mohamed Taha.

At the sitting, the investigator and Attorney Abdul-Rahim Al-Khair presented a number of prosecution documents via video.

In the sitting, which was attended by the third defendant, Ahmed Haroun, chairman of the dissolved National Congress Party, and the fourth defendant, Al-Fateh Ezz-Eddin, former parliament speaker, the fifth prosecution document which was a video in a television interview with the third defendant on a TV program, in which he said that the Armed Forces is solid and capable of repelling any hostile, act and that the president has no intention to step down, and called on the Sudanese people to be alert the as a result of the threat to Sudanese national security.

In the document (6), the investigator presented excerpts related to a speech of the second accused person when he was the first vice president of the republic, and that was before the meeting of the Shura Council of the ruling party at the time. The document contained excerpts of the first accused’s speech about Darfur, in addition to a speech by two soldiers in front of the Radio Station, who confirmed the bias of the Armed Forces to the people. The document included a Izzedine speech attributed to Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hemedti), but the defence side objected to the document on ground that it is a compilation of events on different occasions and the source is unknown, and that all of which have nothing to do with the killing of demonstrators, and therefore it is rejected in form and substance.

Meanwhile, the prosecution party explained that the presented documents are regarded as evidence, and the sources of all of which are known, namely Khartoum TV, Sudan TV and the Sudanese (24) TV, and that this technology is an alternative to the CD, and done with the court’s permission and approval of the defence.

On his part, the judge of the court, Zuhair Babiker, decided rejecting the clip in which the Vice-President of the Sovereignty Council, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo (Hemedti), appeared, as well as the clip in which the two soldiers of the Armed Forces appeared, and also decided to accept the other clips as ordinary documents.

The court will continue its sittings next Wednesday, September 28 to continue hearing the investigator on the prosecution documents.


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