Khartoum, Sept. 22 (SUNA) - A number of experts and political analysts appreciated Al-Burhan’s participation in the United Nations General Assembly for its important strategic, political and economic dimensions, particularly to the African and neighboring countries.

Some of the experts and political analysts considered the UNs' invitation to the President of the Transitional Sovereign Council to participate in the 77th session of the UNGA as a major development in the Sudanese political scene, for the new opportunities it opens for the TSC to form a transitional government and hold early elections to reach civilian rule and the aspired democratic transformation.

In a questionnaire introduced by (SUNA) in which it interviewed experts and political analysts, Dr. Mohammed Ismail, the academic and political analyst, noted that the most important characteristic of the visit was that it broke the barrier of the Sudan's foreign relations, particularly its relations with the United States of America, a matter that confirms the fact that international relations are based on the countries common and mutual interests, and therefore a positive return is expected from this participation for the benefit of Sudan, indicating it may contribute to the stability of the political and economic situation.

Ismail added that the visit has its aftermath, and it affirms the Sudan’s importance to the West as a country that enjoys economic resources and a strategic location that encourage cooperation.

The political analyst and expert in the oil field, Dr. Fathi Abul-Hayaa, indicated that the participation of the President of the TSC in the work of the 77th session of the UNGA reveals openness of the West towards Sudan.

He expected Al-Burhan communication with the American oil and economy companies, such as the giant American company Healy Burton and Baker Hughes.

Abul-Hayaa noted to (SUNA) that the United States is looking forward to changing its policies for the benefit of the Sudanese people through major projects in parallel to its presence in Sudan.

On his part, Dr. Hussein Hamdi, the political analyst, indicating that raising of the diplomatic representation of America to ambassador during Al-Burhan’s rule indicates the United States’ acceptance of work of the Sovereign Council in Sudan, and the beginnings of good joint cooperation, and an opportunity for al- Burhan , to meet on the official level, a number of leaders of countries and organizations, which is a positive sign for the military component to achieve the aspired transformation.

Hamdi indicated that the US administration's communication with the civilian component will continue and that cooperation with the Sovereignty Council will not detract the support for the democratic transition.

He added that Al-Burhan's visit will be followed by an important message to the international community that the military component is capable of managing the state, and it is expected that there will be a breakthrough between it and the African institutions, which will positively reflect in the economic aspect through cooperation with international economic institutions and removing doubt about the state's inability to realize stability.



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