New York , Sept. 22 (SUNA) – President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan has affirmed that the Darfur region is witnessing, after achieving peace and community reconciliations, an increase in the rates of voluntary return of the IDPs to their areas.

Addressing the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly this evening, Al-Burhan said that within the framework of protecting civilians in Darfur region, the first group of  the joint forces was formed to begin its work in protecting civilians, calling on the international community to support the requirements of peace in accordance with Juba Peace Agreement.

Al-Burhan added that despite the well-known national challenges that Sudan is working to overcome, Sudan has been playing a positive, constructive and supportive role for peace, stability and development in the region through its active role in implementing the revitalized peace agreement in the sisterly Republic of South Sudan, as well as cooperating with the brothers in the Republic of Somalia.

 Al-Burhan indicated that Sudan played a role in coordination with the African Union to reach a peace agreement in the sisterly Central African Republic, and actively participated in the meetings concerned with promoting peace, security and cooperation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Al-Burhan added that Sudan also led efforts to promote development and cooperation among African countries in the Horn of Africa and East Africa through its presidency of the IGAD Summit.

 Al-Burhan reiterated that Sudan will continue joint work with sisterly neighbor Chad to control the borders between the two countries and is keen on coordination and follow-up between the concerned parties regarding the establishment of security in the sisterly neighboring Libya.

He pointed out that Sudan has made great effort in the field of combating terrorism, human trafficking, cross-border crime and organized crime, noting that Sudan has been cooperating with all countries and organizations in this regard.


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