Khartoum, Oct. 4 (SUNA) - The court of plotters of the June 1989 coup, in its session today, headed by Hon. Hussain Al-Jak Al-Sheikh, the judge of the Supreme Court, heard the testimony of the complainant, Hatem Al-Wasila Al-Rayah Al-Sanhouri, who pointed out in response to questions of the prosecution committees that he works as a lawyer, lives in Omdurman, and 55 years old.

Al-Wasila said that he agreed to be the complainant in the lawsuit as a Sudanese citizen who participated in the 1986 elections at Al-Thoura Constituency in Omdurman, adding that he filed information against the military and civilians who carried out the coup, noting that the coup continued until the success of the glorious December Revolution on April 11, 2019.

 The complainant, Al Wasila, said that he is a full member of the Sudanese Communist Party and is still a member until now.

The defense committee pointed out that the Communist Party had participated in parliament after the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement through the National Democratic Alliance bloc.

Al-Wasila said that he had been arrested in previous periods in 1994 at ghost houses, as well as in 1995 and 2015 as well.

The court will continue its sessions next week to hear the rest of the complainant's statements.


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