Khartoum, Oct. 6 (SUNA) - The Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning has issued a circular for preparing the budget proposals for the fiscal year 2023, which aims to achieve economic stability, provide basic services to the citizens and encourage the private sector to play its aspired role in leading the national economy and increasing its partnership fields.

The budget circular referred to achievement of increasing revenues from real resources, improving people's livelihood, reducing poverty rates and applying information technology and e-government (and digital transformation).

The circular pointed out that the features of the 2023 budget are based on implementation of the sustainable development goals that target environmental, social and economic issues. This is besides boosting social safety nets and create effective means to alleviate poverty, improve the standard of living of citizens, support microfinance operations and reduce unemployment, especially among young people.

 Undersecretary of Finance Abdalla Ibrahim referred to preparing the budget on the basis of the approved government structure at the national and state levels, encouraging foreign investment and removing procedural and legislative obstacles in all production and service sectors by focusing on the least developed states.

He directed ministries and government units to submit their proposals for the budget of the fiscal year 2023, within ten days of the date of the circular's issuance.


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