Khartoum, Oct. 18 (SUNA) - The first prosecution witness in the trial of plotters of June 1989 coup, Lieutenant-General Abdul-Rahman Saeed Abdul-Rahman, who was Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations of the Armed Forces before the coup, noted that the period 1987-1988 was considered the most dangerous period that the Armed Forces had witnessed.

Lieutenant-General Abdul-Rahman Saeed recounted in detail in his statements before the court of plotters of June 1989 coup in its session today headed by Supreme Court Judge Hon. Hussain Al-Jak Al-Sheikh what happened to him on the night of the 30th. of June 1989, saying that he is now a retired officer and is 83 years old and that he followed that night the parliament meeting and then went to bed where he heard a knock on the door at one o’clock in the morning to find officers whose commander was Al-Tayeb Ibrahim Mohamed Khair who told him they were the Free Officers who had decided to seize power and took him to detention center in the Guest House in Khartoum, where Omer al-Bashir and Abdul-Rahim Mohamed Hussein visited them after a while, and they said that they decided to seize power and that the arrest was to preserve them.

In his response to the defense committee, Lieutenant-General Abdel-Rahman Saeed said that he had opposed the Salvation government and took up arms within the organization of the legitimate leadership led by Lieutenant-General Fathi Ahmed Ali, then reconciled with it within the comprehensive reconciliation in 2005, which included a general amnesty and became Minister of Federal Government.


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