Nyala, Oct. 27 (SUNA) - Member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council (TSC) and Head of the Revolutionary Front Dr. Al-Hadi Idris Yahya has affirmed capability of the Sudanese people to overcome political challenges and difficulties away from any foreign intervention.

The TSC Member, addressing at the Guest House in Nyala Wednesday a meeting that included the political forces, leaders and dignitaries of the city, the parties to the peace process, businessmen and members of the government of South Darfur State, said that the Sudanese people are now in need of tolerance, reconciliation and consensus that unite them, pointing out that the multiplicity of resources, climates and ethnicity is a source of strength for Sudan.

Dr. Al-Hadi Idris praised the spirit of tolerance and peaceful coexistence and the state of security and stability that prevail in South Darfur State, calling on its people to maintain this good model of cohesion among all components of the state.

His Excellency pointed out that he was reassured during his tour of the villages of the various localities of the state on the success of the agricultural season, and the abundant production that will benefit the people of the state and Sudan in general.

For his part, acting Wali (governor) of South Darfur State Hamid Al-Tijani Hanon affirmed that the state enjoys good level of tolerance, reconciliation, stability and security, stressing that Sudan’s issues can only be resolved through dialogue, tolerance and accepting the other opinion


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