Khartoum, Nov.11 (SUNA) - The court of the killing of a military intelligence corporal by protestors continued its sessions today at the Institute of Legal and Judicial Sciences headed by Maulana Jamal Mamoon Salih Sabdarat, the judge of the General Court, and heard the testimonies of the police detective Colonel Hamid Shantina Ali from the General Administration of Criminal Investigations.

Responding to the defense team’s questions, the detective said that the first accused, Khaled Mamoun Khader, had been presented in the Khartoum Investigation Division, since his arrest, and that the source (Wajdi) recognized the accused in the personal queue after (40) days from the date of his arrest, adding that there was no accusation or evidence against the accused until 4/20, the date of the personal queue.

The investigator admitted that he had received a list of 14 other defendants, including their descriptions, political tendencies, and their locations of residence.

 He added that one of the defendants, who was later released, had suffered from kidney failure, and this defendant was the one who said (the second defendant, Hamza Saleh, hit Al-Amanji(the security man).

The investigator explained that a captain in the security service participated in the investigations.

In his testimony from the third defendant, the investigator said that the military and security intelligence have nothing to do with the criminal reports, but they are used as a technical body, noting that the number of defendants in the report amounted to (20) accused, and the suits against 12 of them were dropped.

He said that the accused were identified through their statements, the statements of witnesses and the statements of Lt. Col. Muhammad Awad, the field commander of the intelligence.

The investigator stated that the field commander made it clear in his statements that the Gadeboon(angry) group committed the crime.

The court will continue its session next Monday, Nov.14th.


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