Khartoum,Nov.14 (SUNA) The investigator in the case of the murder of the intelligence corporal, Mirghani Al-Jaili, Police Colonel Hamid Shantina Ali, from the General Department of Investigation and Criminal Investigation revealed that the killing incident was filmed by the accused, Noah Abdullah Saad, but it was erased for fear of protesters.

The detective said in the court session of the killing of the intelligence corporal, today at the Institute of Legal and Judicial Sciences headed by Maulana Jamal Mamoun Salih Sabdarat, the judge of the General court, in response to the defense’s questions, he said that the report had been written off in the face of the accused Noah, who was arrested by the field team because he was filming the incident, When the phone was sent to the Technical Division, it became clear that the video that had been filmed had been erased and could not be retrieved.

The investigator admitted that he did not send the phone to the criminal laboratories and that he was satisfied with the response of the technical department, adding that Brigadier General Ibrahim Bishara of the field team was the one who supervised the retrieval of the video.

But the defense committee accused the investigation committee that it, intentionally excluded the aforementioned video because it exonerates the accused, and the authority clarified that the argument that the surveillance cameras did not work was due to the power cut at the time of the accident, despite the presence of four cameras that are not acceptable because they are self-operating security cameras even in the event of a power cut.

 The defense added that the investigation journal is devoid of any mention of sending the aforementioned cameras to criminal laboratories, because they contain what exonerates the accused.

In the same context, Colonel Shantina clarified that he offered the fifth accused, Hossam Hassan, to be a state’s witness, especially since the accused belongs to the group (Ghadiboon).

The investigator gave reasons for offering amnesty to the fifth defendant, because he knows the sources of funding for these groups, especially since some of the defendants have mentioned in their statements that there are helmets and shields that are provided to the demonstrators.

The court will continue its session next Monday, the twenty-first of November.

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