Khartoum, Nov. 15 (SUNA) - The defense committee in the case of the June 1989 coup plotters announced in its session today at the Police Officers Training Institute headed by Maulana Hussein Al-Jack Al-Sheikh, Supreme Court Judge, that seven of the sick defendants were deported last Tuesday evening from Armed Forces Alia and Ystabshroon hospitals, where they were receiving treatment,, to Kober Central Prison, although some of them need medical doses, with the knowledge of the court, and that the defense committee stated that a force came to the two hospitals to deport the accused to the federal prison, even though they were under treatment, and they took them to prison, when asked about the authority that issued the decision, they said it was (a higher authority).

Lawyer, Abdel Basset Sabdrat, noted that the third defendant, Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir, suffers from a problem of up and down blood pressure, while every stage exposes him to a crushing danger, and he also suffers from an up and down diabetes, that he cannot stand up because he is ill with kidneys and his feet are swollen, he added that the accused Bakri Hassan Saleh case is no less dangerous than what Al-Bashir suffers from blood pressure and diabetes.

Sabdrat has called on the court to stop this intervention, especially given the health condition of the defendants if they remained in prison without medical care, demanding the court the investigation with the authority that deprived the court its right and the defendants their right of treatment.

The court also heard in its session today to an accusation witness, intelligence officer Mohammed Mukhtar Hamad who explained that he was working in the armored corps on the night of the coup, with the rank of lieutenant colonel, and that he was arrested and interrogated on the second day of the coup, when it was decided to dismiss him from work in the armed forces and arrest him in Jabal Aulia with accusation of planning a counter-coup.

The witness said that Brigadier General Faisal Abu Saleh and Suleiman Mohammed Suleiman had begun interrogating him in the presence of Mohammed Mahmoud Jameh. The witness revealed that he called on the Armored Vehicles Command to exclude Major Ibrahim Shams Al-Din and Abdullah Abdul-Muttalib because they were polarizing in favor of the coup, especially since the general political atmosphere was ripe for the coup.

On his part, Lieutenant Colonel Omar Hassan Al-Siddiq Ahmed said that he was working in the intelligence of the Air Defense, and he was assigned the duties of an intelligence officer in Omdurman Military Region Area, and among his duties he got acquainted with a group of officers who participated in the coup, especially since they seized the vehicles of the the political parties, especially the Umma Party, which was preserved in the Engineers Forces. The witness revealed that among the officers participating in the coup, Lieutenant Colonel Youssef Abdel Fattah and Lieutenant Colonel Al Hadi Abdullah.

The court will continue its session next week, Tuesday, November 22.


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