Khartoum, Nov.16 (SUNA)-The High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Turk has affirmed his solidarity with the Sudanese people for demanding their rights to achieve their hopes and aspirations for a better future.

 This came during the conference held at the Office of the High Commissioner in Khartoum in the conclusion of his visit to Sudan.

He praised the efforts exerted by governments and civil society organizations to provide aid to women, children and the homeless, saying that Sudan has rich resources and wealth that enables it to advance economically in the country, which helps many young people to manage these resources and develop civil society services.

The international official underlined that that government institutions must fulfill the wishes of citizens and integrate women and children to enhance confidence-building and facilitate solutions for them.

The High Commissioner urged all parties and participants in the political process to make concessions and a comprehensive national consensus that works for the interest of Sudan locally and globally, which would support the continuation of the rule of law and transparency to achieve justice.

He, further appealed to the security authorities to prosecute criminals, to avoid impunity, and to follow the legal conditions to achieve justice, democracy, and preserve the rights of citizens, calling for strengthening relations between the Human Rights Commission and the government by making a joint mechanism to achieve the goals and contribute to addressing urgent issues in society.


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