Khartoum, Nov. 18 (SUNA) – The representative of the Director-General of the Police Forces and the Acting Interior Minister, Lieutenant General (Police) Dr. Bashir Al-Taher Bashir, renewed keenness and concern of the Presidency of the Police Forces to strengthen the pillars of community security to contribute to the stability of the country and bring down the slogan (Security is Everyone's Responsibility) in reality through concerted official and popular efforts.

In his address today at the Grand Holiday Villa Hotel, to the conclusion of the workshop of the community police work in Sudan (exploration of options based on international principles and best practices), in the presence of members of the police administration board, the head of the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), the police commissioner of (UNITAMS), the states’ police chiefs and representatives of departments of traditional administration, youth and women in the center and the states.

 He indicated concern of the Police Command in establishing the General Administration of Community Police in accordance with international standards and according to visions agreed upon by all partners to fulfill its mission in preserving the security and stability of the homeland and the citizen, praising all efforts in support of the objectives of the community police, stressing the commitment of the police forces to implement all the recommendations of the workshop.

On his part, the head of the (UNITAMS) pointed out to the importance of building trust between the police forces and society and finding an effective mechanism for dialogue between the various components of society to achieve full stability through community police.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant General Dr. Bashir Al-Taher Bashir, representative of the Director General of the Police Forces, received the recommendations of the workshop, which contained (25) recommendations, including the preparation of a guide for standard procedures for community police in Sudan, in cooperation with the police advisory unit in (UNITAMS),  to be approved by the director. General of the Sudan’s police forces as a guide for implementation in the first phase, and then to be evaluated and amend it in accordance, in addition to conducting a scientific study on monitoring the negatives of previous experiences of community police and how to overcome them, as well as the positives and ways to strengthen them.


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