Khartoum, Nov. 21 (SUNA) -The investigator in the case of the killing of the Intelligence corporal by demonstrators on April 8, Police Col. Hamed Shantina Ali, of the General Department of Investigation and Criminal Investigation, revealed that the medical examination and samples taken from the deceased body were not the subject of rape, but article 149 of rape was mentioned against three of the accused persons later, according to the statements of the two of the prosecution witnesses, Wagdi and Jad-Karim, on March 27, 2022.

In the court sitting of the case of the murder of the Intelligence corporal on Monday at the Institute of Criminal Sciences, headed by Judge Jamal Mamoun Saleh Sabdarat, the court heard testimonies of the investigator, who stated that the criminal report was opened initially under article (51) of the Criminal Procedure Law and was transferred to Article (130) premeditated murder.

Responding to questions of the prosecution and defense sides, Col. Shantina said that he offered the fifth and eights defendants, Husam Mansour and Gasim Haseeb, to be King witnesses without the rest of the defendants because there was no evidence against the two defendants and through their statements there was no sufficient evidence other than the statements of witnesses.

The investigator explained the role of all bodies, other than the Police Forces, in arresting the accused persons, stating that the Intelligence assumed the technical work such as reviewing phones and determining their locations and the contents of the phones, in addition to providing information regarding the report, and that they are always helping in reports of murder and drugs.

He indicated that the intelligence has arrested the defendants in the report, except for the fifth defendant, Hossam Mansour, who was arrested by the Police Investigation Administration.

The investigator said that he was transferred to another place on August 8-9-2022, and that the results of the communications that he was waiting for until that date included the technical authorities, especially Zain and Sudani companies, regarding the phones of the late and his colleague, in addition to addressing the Technical Division to follow up the phone users, where the search is still ongoing.

He added that the number of defendants in the criminal report until that date was 17, including 10 who have not been arrested, and the report is still open against them.

The court will continue its sittings on Monday, November 28.


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