Kosti, Nov 21(SUNA) - The Coordinator of Climate Change Adaptation Program and Natural Resources Expert in Use of Ecosystem Approach through  the local communities in White Nile State, Dr. Adul-Wahab Mohamed Al-Tom noted that the  program works for enhancing capabilities and capacities of communities in areas of fragility  of climate change .

Dr.  Al-Tom pointed that the project is funded by the Global Environment Facility and the Government of Sudan, and implemented through the United Nations Environment Program and the Supreme Council for Environment and Natural Resources.

 He added that the project works at, Guli, Al-Salam Tandalti and Al-Dewam localities, covering 43 villages and it would reach 2450 families.  

Dr. Al-Tom  stated  that  the  project  would also focus  on the improvement and  the strengthening of  the state and  national institutions technical capabilities in the areas  of planning , implementation and expansion  of  arrangements related  to the adaptation based on  Ecosystem Approach and reduces fragility in local communities and  strengthen the information base.  


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