Khartoum, Nov. 22 (SUNA) - Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Jibril Ibrahim asserted the developed friendship relations between the government of Sudan and the German government, emphasizing the efforts of the German government in supporting the revolution, referring to its support for the peace negotiations in Juba and its support for the implementation of the peace agreement and the achievement of political stability.

He pointed to the need a government formed through a reasonable consensus of all parties and different social sectors, indicating the difficulty to obtain complete consensus in light of the current situation, stressing the need for a comprehensive dialogue without excluding anyone, indicating that there are many political initiatives that need the establishment of a political body to study and scrutinizes it to come up with a unified vision that all political parties and different components agree upon.

Dr. Jibril demanded the necessity of obtaining the support of the community without siding with one side or party of exclusion of the other parties, to obtain the acceptable support.

During his meeting in his office with Christoph Retzlaff , the Director General of the African Department of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the presence of Michael Sonntag, Deputy German Ambassador in Khartoum, and Ambassador Khaled Musa, Director of the European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On his part, Mr. Christoph Retzlaff , indicated that the aim of the visit is to get acquainted with the current situation in Sudan, pointing to the need for all parties to make concessions that would contribute to obtaining a satisfactory political agreement for all.


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