Al-Foula, Nov 23 (SUNA) - The Acting Wali (governor) of West Kordofan State, Khalid Mohamed Ahmed Gilia  presented a briefing to the Council of his Government, that convened today in Al –Foula.

 The briefing focused on the security and economic situation in the state, the Wali express his regret for the renewal of the tribal incidents in the state, noting that West Kordofan is a vast area and everyone has the right to live in any part of the state.

Gilia called on the native administration in the state and those who are keen to preserve the public interest that they should work hard to confront the tribal conflicts.

 He explained that the state is going through difficult conditions as  its  financial  resources  are running short   and at  the sametime  it doesn’t receive financial support from central government in order  to  face expenditure on security matters .  

The Wali stressed the importance of working hard to fight conflicts and address development issues, indicating that maintaining security would ultimately lead to addressing citizens' demands.

   The Wali pointed out that his government is now working on   the annual budget to fulfill the citizens’ aspiration ' on development process and the offering of  the basic services.  


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