Khartoum, Nov. 28 (SUNA) - The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, Maulana, Huwaida Ali Awad Al-Karim, affirmed that the phenomenon of human trafficking is one of the disturbing phenomena for the world in general, and the Sudan because it is a a country with long and many borders with a number of surrounding countries that have problems with human trafficking.

Addressing the workshop organized today by the General Department of Strategic Planning and Development in cooperation with the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking at the Police House in Bri area, under the title "Strategies and Approaches to Making Public Policy to Combat Human Trafficking", and it will last for three days, organized by the Pioneers of Change Center,  Maulana Huwaida indicated that Sudan gives great concern to human trafficking issues at the state level, and that Sudan has signed a number of international and regional agreements, and this session is one of the important events to shed light on this issue.

She noted that the partnership between the Ministry of Justice, the Strategic Planning Department, and the National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking produced this workshop includes, beside the employees of the Ministry of Justice and the National Committee for Human Trafficking 18 government agencies, and a number of civil society organizations and those interested in trafficking issues were represented.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice stated that the Human Trafficking Law was approved in 2014, and some amendments were made to it, and  that according to Sudan's commitment to the Convention on Combating Human Trafficking, Sudan continued to increase its role.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the African Center for Governance, Peace and Deliberation, Dr. Mahmoud Zin El Abidin, participant in the session, said that Sudan hosts more than 2 million refugees, pointing that the increase came due to the social and political conditions the country is going through.

He went noting that the human trafficking mafia benefited from the conditions created by the security problems in a number of neighboring countries, in addition to the geographical location of Sudan, pointing to this factors helped illegal immigration and the phenomenon of human trafficking increased, indicating the importance of coordination and cooperation between national, regional and international authorities to reduce the phenomenon.

The workshop also included number of topics that will be discussed with the participants, while  the first day included an introduction to the national action plan to combat human trafficking, an introduction to public policies and their objectives, and other topics.


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