El- Fasher, Nov. 29 (SUNA) - The governor of the state of North Darfur, Nimr Mohamed Abdel Rahman, called on the international community in general and the United Kingdom in particular, and all the guarantors and witnesses of the Juba Peace Agreement in Sudan, to fulfill their obligations towards the agreement to  fully implemented on ground.

During his meeting, yesterday evening, at his residence in El- Fasher, the UK Ambassador to Sudan, Giles Lever, currently in visit to the state, Nimr called on those parties to provide the necessary support to the armed struggle movements signatury of the peace agreement to enable their transformation into political parties to play their full role towards society.

Nimer has expressed appreciation of the government and citizens of the state for the generous support provided by the UK government in education, health and water services to the citizens of the state through UNICEF and a number of other organizations operating in the state, pointing at the same time to the need to continue and increase that support.

He said in a press statement after the meeting that he had discussed with the British ambassador the current political crisis in the country, stressing the need for the international community to support the Sudanese parties so that they can reach a comprehensive political settlement leading to the formation of a transitional government that leads the process of democratic transition through free and fair elections.

Nimr indicated that the meeting discussed the challenges facing the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement, especially the, enforcement of protocols, especially security arrangements, in addition to the deployment of the Civilian Protection Forces.

Meanwhile, the British ambassador expressed pleasure over his first time visit to Darfur, which he said came for the purpose of getting acquainted on the ground with various issues and situations, and to understand the challenges on the ground, indicating that the program of his visit, which extended for two days, included holding a series of meetings with UN agencies and British charitable organizations, during which he learned the financial aid provided by the UK government to citizens in Darfur spent.


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