Khartoum, Nov. 29 (SUNA) The Director of the IGAD mission in Sudan, Othman Belail, addressed today, in Corinthia Hotel, Khartoum, the opening session of the expert meetings preparing for the ministerial meeting .

Belail indicated that the IGAD has been working to contain the threats that faces the region, represented by the drought that struck the region and affected  the food security, which in turn led to the spread of diseases, which made work exceptional, stressing the exersion of efforts to contain these threats.

He praised the efforts of health workers who work to protect citizens in the IGAD countries, adding that the IGAD region has witnessed an improvement in the security situation due to the efforts made by the leaders.

Othman Belil, pointe to the challenges that made the IGAD countries strong and united in order to achieve the common aspirations of the member states represented in peace, security and stability.

He indicated that the meeting will discuss three issues represented in the humanitarian situation and the work report of the IGAD secretariat related to the projects with which the meeting comes out with the most important recommendations.


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