Khartoum, Nov. 30 (SUNA) - Sudan has affirmed its commitment to live up to all its responsibilities and tasks entrusted to it towards the IGAD region.

The Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambasssador Ali Al-Sadiq, chair of the current session of IGAD Council of Ministers, pointed out in his address to the opening session of the meeting of the 48th. Ordinary Session of IGAD Council Of Ministers today in Khartoum, to Sudan's concern with situations in the countries of the region.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs affirmed Sudan's commitment to providing services to IGAD for the benefit of member states.

Ambassador Al-Sadiq said that Sudan has developed a roadmap based on achieving regional excellence, encouraging integration and enhancing the role of women in the member states.

The minister reaffirmed that participation of the member states in this meeting represents IGAD's concern with the situations in the region, besides the countries' commitment to improving the living conditions of the population and their desire to solve all problems, and most importantly the exchange of views regarding the future of the IGAD region.

He touched on Sudan’s vision to raise the level of performance in IGAD and to achieve regional and international excellence for the organization, and that Sudan is working towards boosting solidarity among member states, encouraging regional economic integration as a strategy to enhance peace and stability in the region, achieving the necessary conditions for empowering youth and enhancing the role of women in contributing to regional well-being and prosperity.

On the political level, Ambassador Al-Sadiq said Sudan took note and highly appreciated the achievements made during the last period with regard to the peaceful elections in Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda.

The minister stated that Sudan recognizes and highly appreciates the various environmental initiatives of the IGAD organization, the electoral transition in Somalia besides resolution of disputes between Ethiopia and Sudan and the cease-fire agreement in the conflict in northern Ethiopia.

He noted that IGAD supports the people and government of Sudan to reach a peaceful democratic transition through the trilateral mechanism in partnership with the African Union and the United Nations.

The minister thanked the region's leaders for their important and pivotal role in improving the peace process and achieving stability and peace in the region.

With regard to the global situation, as the countries of the world and the IGAD struggle to confront the effects of coronavirus disease and improve security and stability, as well as the conflict in Ukraine, which reduced the main resources that reach the region, calling for innovation of new approaches and methods elevating the political and diplomatic level with non-traditional partners from the perspective of the organization.

The minister concluded his address by explaining that Sudan had made many recommendations and proposals and set priorities that would be presented to the meeting for consideration.

He called on all member states to commit themselves to paying their annual contributions so that the organization would continue to play its positive role towards the peoples of the region.


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