Khartoum, Nov. 30 (SUNA) - The Italian Ambassador to Sudan, Michele Tommasi, affirmed Italy's support as a co-chair of the IGAD forum to establish a comprehensive dialogue in Sudan, saying: " "Italy sees a tangible development in Sudan's return to the democratic path," urging the African organizations to facilitate the process of dialogue, security and prosperity in Africa, praising the efforts of IGAD in resolving African crises.

In his address to the opening session of the IGAD ministerial meeting held in Khartoum today,  Michele Tommasi asserted their extended and fruitful relationship with IGAD, which he described as strong with Africa, noting that it will remain a strategic priority, appreciating the role played by IGAD towards the Sudanese and Ethiopian crises, indicating that Africa needs stability, indicating that IGAD brought the parties to the negotiating table, emphisizing Italy's contribution to creating security and prosperity in East Africa.

Ambassador Michele Tommasi,  asserted that the African Union has proven the possibility of Africans to reach solutions to African problems, stressing Italy’s political and financial support for IGAD as it is one of the main donors in IGAD's initiatives to confront extremism and disasters in Africa.


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