Khartoum, Nov. 30 (SUNA) - The Executive Secretary of IGAD, Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu, affirmed that the IGAD countries stand alongside Sudan as an African country of strategic importance. 

He said in a press statement at the conclusion of the 48th session meeting held in Khartoum on Wednesday that the meeting came out with important recommendations represented in peace issues for the IGAD countries and the challenges facing them.

Gebeyehu pointed out that the meeting recommended addressing all the issues related to achieving peace and stability in the countries of the region and the joint cooperation between them, and that 200 scholarships were signed for students of the IGAD countries at the International University of Africa. Gebeyehu thanked the government of Sudan for organizing and hosting the meetings of the 48th session,

On the other hand, acting  Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Ali Al-Saddiq, said that the meeting dealt with all the issues raised clearly, adding that as all the IGAD foreign ministers have participated except  Uganda, which apologized for participating in the meetings of this session.

He said that the meeting stressed the importance of uniting efforts and work to confront the dangers facing the region, including the drought, famine and displacement, noting that the meeting praised the efforts made in the field of security in the region.

Ambassador Al-Saddiq stated that the meeting approved the plan presented by Sudan on the early warning and dealing with events that occur from time to time, indicating that the meeting agreed on the road map presented by Sudan for the work of IGAD for the year 2023.

The minister explained that the meeting was supposed to be held  twice a year and due to the conditions of the countries of the region, it was agreed to hold it once in Djibouti.



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